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It was that special time of year once again where the SMUX Skaters family head out in their sppoky wears to spoke the crowds of the unknown in Orchard Road once again!

Indeed an enjoyable experience getting to hang out with the new crew, as we played along with lasertag x skating before everyone donned their makeups and halloween kits, in line of the upcoming Halloween weekend!

Many thanks to the fun-loving participants who made time to head down to be part of this massive skatter gang and having some simple laughs and fun as we got together in the spirit of skating to enjoy each other’s company this lovely Friday evening, especially when the skies has cleared up with no haze in ‘breathable-sight’!

Looking forward to new beginnging in future sessions together! Cheers! 😉 – #robertchai #roberryarts #roberryartsstudios #capturefusephotography #events #eventphotography #smu #sgsmu #smux #smuxtremists #skating #singapore #sg #extreme #adventures #lasertag #xseed #halloween #skateoween #ska8oween #urban #orchard



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